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NPD & Company Ltd are a new breed of business consultants. We may wear suits, but that is probably where the similarity with all other consultancy companies ends. We are passionate about business. We are passionate about delivering success to your business. We can help your business increase sales, adopt and implement new working practices, find new customers, reduce cost and therefore improve the bottom line. After all, isn't that what it's all about? That's what we do every day. 
What we won't do is to confuse you with complex and difficult strategies. 
We understand how a business needs to work in order to get the most from it. Our consultants have spent their lives running businesses not dissimilar to yours, so we know how to improve and develop them. It doesn't matter which stage your business is at, from a start-up to an established business; we will make the difference. 
Developing and delivering your strategy 
Your strategy is the basis for everything that you do and why you do it. You may have an existing strategy in place. Maybe you use it to drive the business, or maybe it's tucked away in a drawer, because it's not relevant any more. That is more common than you might think. 
The question to ask yourself is this. Am I completely satisfied with how my business is progressing, or do I want more? Have I a new business initiative that I believe in but am unsure how to implement it? In either case, the right strategy will produce the best possible results. Your strategy underpins what you do, who buys from you and why they buy from you. It defines your pricing, how much you sell your product and services for and how much the market is willing to pay for it. It defines everything you do. 
We will work with you or work with any stakeholder in your business to define and deliver internet strategies, marketing strategies and corporate strategies. We will assist you and your team, in blending those strategies into a coherent and understandable process to ensure that you get the growth, profits and business you are striving for. Your strategy does not have to be complex, but it has to be right. 
Change is good. 
The three biggest factors that influence any business are, People, Processes and Procedures. Our role may be to look at these influencing factors and work out what is working, and what isn't. We also ensure that we understand why it isn't working. That way, we can put it right together. Is the problem in HR, marketing, procurement, finance, information systems, sales, logistics or perhaps a manufacturing process? We will look at every function that supports your business as better processes reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and in short, allow the business to function at a higher level. We therefore will help you to improve the effectiveness and efficiencies of everything that you do. 
Can we help you? 
Simply give us a call and let's talk about how our businesses may be able to work together. We will make no charge (apart from travelling costs) to come and see you and look at how we can assist you and your team. Once we understand your business or project requirements, we shall produce a work plan, which will be fully costed prior to you making any commitment to work with us. 
The areas in which we commonly work are: 
Business start ups 
Strategic solutions to general business issues 
Strategic documents and strategy implementation 
Cost review and cost reduction programs 
Credit management implementation and staff training 
Interim finance directors/managers 
Raising finance for your business 
Business plans and business turnaround 
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